Turn your Connect 1 into a P1

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Every existing Connect 1 can be upgraded to a Volirium P1. The advantages are:

  1. Faster and more accurate positioning, thanks to the use of both GPS and GLONASS satellites
  2. More robust touch sensor (the ‚Äúwindow‚ÄĚ in front of the display)
  3. Improved sound volume
  4. A new color

The upgrade is currently offered by Volirium in Switzerland, by Vario-Service in Germany (for the whole EU) and by Flytec USA. We are working on getting our repair centres in Australia, Brazil and China up to speed as well. The pilot price for the update is CHF 222 in Switzerland. Check with the other repair centres for their local price.

Condor 17.2.4 brings flight log and Spanish to the P1

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We just released a new firmware version for the Volirium P1: Condor 17.2.4. The key features are:

  • Spanish translation
  • Flight log, including statistics page
  • Additionally, we improved the¬†XC distance calculation

After installing this version, on the next start, the P1 will go through all your existing flights and add them to the flight log. This happens in the background, the vario can be used normally during this operation. You receive a notification once it’s done.

For more information, see the the P1’s software release notes.

Californian condor (gymnogyps californianus). Original by Kretschmer and Jahrmargt, published in ‚ÄúMerveilles de la nature‚ÄĚ by Bailli√®re et fils, Paris, ca. 1878. Stock Illustration.

Unveiling the Volirium P1

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We proudly announce the release of our newest vario, the Volirium P1. A smart vario that is super easy to use, has anything an ambitious intermediate pilot would want, and many features that make even top competition and record-chasing pilots very happy.

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