Condor 17.2.4 brings flight log and Spanish to the P1

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We just released a new firmware version for the Volirium P1: Condor 17.2.4. The key features are:

  • Spanish translation
  • Flight log, including statistics page
  • Additionally, we improved the XC distance calculation

After installing this version, on the next start, the P1 will go through all your existing flights and add them to the flight log. This happens in the background, the vario can be used normally during this operation. You receive a notification once it’s done.

For more information, see the the P1’s software release notes.

Californian condor (gymnogyps californianus). Original by Kretschmer and Jahrmargt, published in “Merveilles de la nature” by Baillière et fils, Paris, ca. 1878. Stock Illustration.

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