Eagle 18.1 brings airspace warnings to the Volirium P1

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We just released a new software version for the Volirium P1: Eagle 18.1.19. The key features are:

  • Show airspace warnings
  • Configure warnings per airspace class (off / show / warn)
  • Configure maximum warning altitude, ignore airspaces above

In addition, this release includes several improvements and bug fixes. For more information, see the the P1’s software release notes.

We are now working on automatic airspace data updates, and on fine-tuning the alerts. All with the goal of making flying around airspaces easy and fun for P1 pilots.

Golden eagle (aquila chrysaetos). Original by Kretschmer and Jahrmargt, published in “Merveilles de la nature” by Baillière et fils, Paris, ca. 1878. Stock Illustration.

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