Thanks to your feedback: Eagle 18.1.23

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We received a lot of positive feedback regarding our latest release for the Volirium P1, Eagle 18.1. Thank you for that!

We also received feedback that made us go back and improve some things and fix some bugs that had crept in. Also a big thank you for that! This has resulted to a new release: Eagle 18.1.23. The main changes are:

  • Keep airspace warnings on the screen until confirmed with the “back” button. We are working on making the return automatic, after a configurable time, or manual, including tapping on the screen.
  • Fix display position of large airspaces on the map
  • Airspace import: include TMZ and RMZ

For a complete list of the changes in this release, see the software release notes.

Happy flying!

Golden eagle (aquila chrysaetos). Original by Kretschmer and Jahrmargt, published in “Merveilles de la nature” by Baillière et fils, Paris, ca. 1878. Stock Illustration.

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