• Flying is our passion.
    Giving you a vario to
    make your flying easy
    and fun, that is our
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  • "I used your vario in St Andre last week for the British Open and it worked amazingly well.

    I found it very quick and easy to enter tasks and it was very easy to follow the task on the screen during flight too.

    The vario side of things is working amazing too."

    Richard Chambers, UK
  • Racing and hunting records
    has taught us many things.

    The importance of an
    easy-to-use vario, for instance.
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  • Brand new
    Volirium P1
  • December 27, Brisen (Switzerland): "My vario reacted to the weak, pulsating thermals with perfect precision, speed and differentiation. This allowed me to use even the weakest bubbles, climb to the peak, leaving all the others below.
    What an incredible flight at the end of the year!" - Jörg


We are Volirium*, the Swiss company that built the very first electronic altimeter for free-flying pilots, over 35 years ago. Back then under the name Flytec and Bräuniger. Since then we have created numerous electronic variometers that enable paraglider and hang glider pilots around the world to fly longer, higher, further, faster and safer.

Volirium P1

Our latest development is the Volirium P1 smart vario:

  • easy to use
  • touch screen works with any kind of gloves
  • display is readable in bright sunlight
  • precise and fast vario
  • self-updating over the Internet
  • built to last
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We are here to assist you and help you make the most out of your Volirium vario.


Varios have a tough life, and sometimes they need some tender loving care to make up for it. We repair Volirium, Flytec, Bräuniger and Naviter varios.

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Get to know the people behind Volirium.


*Volirium: The state of mind achieved when fully immersed in the act of flying.

photo credit @matthias.kueffer at Ebenalp, Switzerland


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