Flytec Software update for GPS system date rollover

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In the night from 6 to 7 April 2019, the GPS system will experience a so-called date rollover. This means that devices which obtain their date information from the GPS module will then return to 21 August 1999. That is, unless the GPS module manufacturer has taken appropriate precautions (which usually pushes the rollover a few years into the future), or the software on the device knows how to handle the situation. Positioning and navigation are not affected in any way, it is really only about the date, which is written into the IGC files in the case of varios, for example.

Flytec/Bräuniger have used many different GPS modules over the years. One of them, the Fastrax IT321, is affected by the date rollover in April. But also most others will “jump back” in the course of the next 6 years. Therefore we have produced new software versions that make these vario classics immune to all such rollovers, at least until 2038.

The software is available on our website now:
6020/6030 respectively Compe(tin)o+:…/software-maintenance-for-flytec…/
Bräuniger IQ Motor+:

It will also be released soon on the official Flytec page.

If you enjoy the fact that we are keeping your vario alive, consider donating us a cup of coffee:

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