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Volirium P1 paragliding vario
Volirium P1 Smart Vario

The P1 is a smartvario that is super easy to use, has anything an ambitious intermediate pilot would want, and many features that make even top competition and record-chasing pilots very happy.

  • Easy to use
  • Glove-friendly hardware
  • Display is readable in bright sunlight
  • Precise, fast and “nice” vario
  • Built to last
  • WiFi

The P1 comes with:

  • Quickstart guide
  • USB micro cable for connecting it to a computer
  • Wall charger
  • Softcase
  • Velcro patch for cockpit mount
  • Built-in tether
  • 4 GB micro SD card (enough memory to record thousands of hours of airtime)
Hardware Upgrade Flytec Connect to P1

Hardware upgrade from the Flytec Connect 1 to the Volirium P1.